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Original Title: Secrets d'Histoire
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: France 2
Creators: Stéphane Bern
Description: In Secrets & Lies is the American adaptation of the miniseries of the same name from Australia (Secrets & Lies). The story revolves around a father and husband Ben Crawford, who stumbles one day while jogging on the body of a five year-old boy from the neighborhood. Tom Murphy is the child that is dead on the ground and threatens to throw Ben's whole life off track.    Ben gets pretty quickly targeted by the investigations carried out by Detective Andrea Cornell. No one can testify to his innocence, the evidence is simply overwhelming. By the time of the murder become of the boy to the media spectacle and thus increases the pressure on everyone involved.    Just as Ben believes this nightmare could not get any worse, the neighbors say against him and his small business has to file for bankruptcy - not to mention the fact that Ben's wife, Christy, distanced more and more of him. The innocent is desperate and decides to find the real killers on your own.    Main characters of Secrets & Lies    Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) is the Christy's husband and the father of Natalie and Abbey. Together with his wife, whom he knows since high school, Ben has built an unpretentious life, including small business. Now he tries to prove his innocence by any means.    Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is in its capacity as a detective conducting the investigator in the case of the murdered boys. She works for the Charlotte Mecklenberg County Police Department. Andrea is a true professional in what she does. They invested all their energy in solving the case.    Christy Crawford (KaDee Strickland) is Ben's wife and the mother of Natalie and Abbey. It was very early pregnant with her first child and lives with Ben since graduating from college. Nevertheless begins to kriseln their marriage. Moreover, it has a close relationship with her brother, Michael. (MH)

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