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An action-Packed television series in the Thriller genre, the events of which unfold in a small quiet village called Black Forest, located among the wooded areas of Spanish Galicia. It is here that there is a mysterious murder of an influential logger, which became a complete surprise and literally stirred up the peaceful life of a small settlement. As it turned out, for quite a long time two families of local rich people have been engaged in an irreconcilable competition, trying to increase the available volumes of harvested wood and leave behind their direct"rivals". To understand all the intricacies of the difficult relationship between businessmen-competitors begins Sergeant Marga Neira, which will soon be joined by an experienced police officer Diego bazana, sent by the Spanish civil guard to assist in the investigation of the complicated incident. True professionals, they do not immediately find a common language, because everyone is a strong personality with their own beliefs and principles. However, they will soon forget their differences, as these peaceful and picturesque places actually hold many secrets and dangers that are invisible at first glance, but at the same time pose a real threat.

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