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Sharks are amazing creatures, about which there are so many rumors, legends and stories. Many people are afraid of them, and it has its reasons, but not all kinds of dangerous as they think. A huge number of interested in these inhabitants of the seas and oceans, go to watch them, in order to learn something new about them. It is already known that only a few species are bloodthirsty, all the others have their own unique abilities. It is about them that scientists will try to tell and show as much as possible to prove once again that nature is inherently simply amazing. let's See how amazing they are and what they are really capable of. Some species can be astounding in how amazing they are at hiding and disguising themselves. Others will yield to few in speed. That's not all, they can affect people, some of them, and is quite harmless. And that's just what they were able to find out, but scientists decided not to stop there, they want to learn more about these creatures and try to tell the world about their discoveries and guesses. Which of the theories will actually be true and what has been hidden from the world for so many years?