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The tranquility of humanity was disturbed by the sudden invasion of huge monsters with destructive power and the desire to absorb alive any enemy. People bloodthirsty opponents caught by surprise, and survived after grueling battles citizens came to mind the only right decision: in an emergency was built a high wall around the territory, which the usurpers did not have time to attach to their possessions. Creatures with low intelligence, clearly demonstrating genuine pleasure in the process of torture unarmed victims, have not found a way to reliably overcome the obstacle.rn

the Events of the film takes place one hundred years after the salvation of mankind. Among the civilian population remained a unit of selfless heroes who regularly penetrated beyond the safe territory and well-aimed blows struck enemies. The inhabitants of the planet long ago calmed down, sincerely hoping that in the shelter they will be able to exist as before. They built fortress cities on the conquered lands. Only children and older relatives talked about the horrible giants height a multi-storey building, who live behind the wall and ready at any moment to devour any daredevil, who left the fortress.rn< p>Eren, a key character in the film attack of the titans watch online strolled near the erected by the ancestors of the barrier structure together with Mikasa Ackerman, a girl adopted by his parents a year before the tragic day. Children were extremely surprised to hear a terrible rattle, and turning, horrified by what he saw. A huge monster is much higher walls furiously racked her, flowing into the smaller fortress of the titans. And one of the first who had to fall victim to the invaders, was the boy's mother.rn

Miraculously surviving children in the confusion lost his father and left the home Segantini on the ferry together with a group Razvedgruppa. So, by the will of fate, the main character was among the well-trained fighters, whose work is to destroy the soulless giants. Eren immediately joined the ranks of volunteers and carefully studied the tactics of fighting with the enemy. He vowed to take revenge on the cannibals for the death of his mother and the misfortunes that befell mankind with the arrival of it turned out, the giants have only one vulnerability – the back of the head – to which the soldiers get with the help of aimed shots of winches and gas guns. Meanwhile, the giants are starting to show some tactics in spontaneous until recently, raids, forcing to think seriously on the origins of the ancient creatures.Eren and Mikasu are sent as reinforcements to the Trost area, where in the first battle the main character of the animated series invasion of the titans in front of astonished companions turns into a monster, similar to those against whom the army is fighting. Of course, it helps to turn the tide of battle and helps to restore part of the wall. Many compatriots believe that the unique gift of Eren will be the key to success in the war, and lay great hopes on the young man.

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