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Original Title: Shining Inheritance
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: SBS
Creators: So Hyun Kyung
Description: It would be better if there was only a younger sister here - a new romantic, comedic anime harem from the eponymous graphic novel by Japanese mangaki Hirosaki Yomi, known for her previous romantic manga boku WA Tomodachi GA Sukunai. In the center of the plot is a young author who deals with literary texts for manga and graphic novels. He adores his younger sister, whom he idealizes and even experiences some romantic feelings, for which he deserves to be called siskon. In the specific environment of Japanese manga and anime has its own conceptual apparatus. Recall that the complex and brother complex sister. So if sister is very attached to his brother, it is called procon. In turn, the brother is very attached to his sister, this phenomenon is called a siscon. The degree of attachment and permissibility of such attachment depends on the work itself and the age group for which it is intended. This can be expressed as a simple adoration or even deification of a relative, but also in quite romantic feelings that a brother or sister has in relation to him, and sometimes in an attempt to seduce the object of his adoration. Meet the characters: Itsuki hashima-a young writer, a talented author of manga and graphic novels, who loves his younger sister Chihiro, but completely hopelessly in love with her, which is very unhappy. He works in a publishing house in which he is respected and appreciated, but this does not save him from all sorts of problems and funny situations, especially when you consider that his colleagues are mostly girls who are very sympathetic to him. Chihiro Hashim is the younger sister of Itsuki. Absolutely perfect. The subject of constant care and attention of his brother. Nayuta Kani is a very refined girl with a high and tragic beauty. Brilliant Illustrator of manga and novels, and no less brilliant lover. Works together with Itsuki. Miyako Shirakawa is disappointed in love, disappointed in friendship, disappointed even in her own dreams. Winner of three crowns. Another employee of Itsuki. Enoch Ashley – brutal mercenary fighter. Porcetto – born Illustrator. < li>< ul> Anime novelty will talk about their daily lives, worries, relationships, in which they are so confused that it causes a lot of headaches. You have to watch a very busy life of this group of young people who work together, live, travel, and try to understand their feelings and relationships. Anime would be better if it was just the younger sister of season 1 of the series can be downloaded for free from our website anytime of the day!

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