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The series"Siberian roulette" (Siberian Cut) is not based on some script, so to speak reality show. American Sean Vann for many years engaged in deforestation. Now he got the permission for felling and gathering the team and all the necessary equipment, back in Siberia. It is this land, in his opinion, is rich in valuable resources that sin does not use. Felling should be carried out on the site belonging to the retired Colonel. Sean's team includes not only American loggers, but also Russians. The team will perform the contract in the harsh Siberian weather and nature.The work and life of loggers follows the crew. Everything that happens in the Siberian taiga is recorded and then broadcast from TV screens. In Russia, the premiere of"Siberian roulette" was held on the Discovery channel in August 2014. Will Sean's team be able to make a huge profit and return home with a lot of money? Or the harsh and mysterious Siberia will not make money, and they will run home to America with empty pockets and disappointment? Not every Russian person will be able to survive in the Siberian taiga. What can we say about Americans?

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