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Original Title: SKAM Austin
Channel: Facebook Watch
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the series "This is Us" are the most ordinary people celebrating a birthday in one day. Each of them has its own problems, its reasons for doubt and experience. The main holiday of the year is not always as rosy as we would like.rnrnSo, one example, is concerned about the lack of communication with his father. In honor of another birthday, he wants to find a man who many years ago abandoned the child. Another hero of the occasion, too, is not sweet, because during childbirth his mother died. Now for the family every holiday is overshadowed by the contact with the tragedy.rnsometimes people's problems are much more mundane. Someone at the time of the celebration is experiencing due to the impending old age, someone suffers from dissatisfaction with their gifts. One of the main characters and does suffer due to the presence of her excess weight. This problem seems to the girl so huge and insoluble that she literally goes crazy.rnmore than seven billion people live on planet Earth, which means that every day 19 million people celebrate important dates for them. What is the probability that these people will meet, cross and change each other's lives.rnin the center of the plot of the series "It's us" is a simple family Pearson, whose members managed to be born in one day. And while Randall Pearson, the adopted son of Rebecca and Jack is trying to find out who his real parents were, the head of the family in his birthday is experiencing a midlife crisis. Twins Kate and Kevin are completely different characters, but are forced to put up with the fact that they are compared all their lives. All members of the Pearson family came to be born on August 31, the last day of summer in their house there is chaos. Everyone needs attention in connection with the celebration and wants to be the main guest at the upcoming party. Someone is discussing gifts, Kate is trying to find out the relationship with her boyfriend, Randall is trying his best to keep the marriage with his wife Beth and find his father. And let sometimes this holiday is accompanied by tears, not cheers, the life of the main characters does not get worse.

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