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Original Title: Sliders
Channel: FOX
Creators: Tracy Tormé,Robert K. Weiss
Language: English
Description: The dizzying adventure of the main characters, consisting in random jumps between different realities, does not end... Moreover, the brave travelers who have conquered many parallel worlds, stumble upon a new place, completely impregnated with magic and without any technology. So out of place, the protagonist of the series immediately gets a serious wound that could kill a guy if he is not promptly assist the surgeon. For lack of a better option around the same just all sorts of shamans Yes Magi – healthy heroes bring the Queen on the table to one of the city's healers. That's, like, the guy's life that saves, but it requires a much money that it was easier to leave Quinn to die. The guys say that they have no money, and then the evil genius requires as payment for the head of her patient. Not having gone with him on this deal, they try to escape from brutal persecutor, and get acquainted with mysterious a Sorcerer. This acquaintance becomes the beginning of the journey among the local intrigues, will the detachment of sliding In time this time?

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