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Original Title: Sliders
Channel: FOX
Creators: Tracy Tormé,Robert K. Weiss
Language: English
Description: In the center of the plot of the sci-Fi series"Parallel worlds" a young and promising scientist named Queen Melori, who instead of the anti-gravity machine, on which he worked for a long time in the basement of his house, manages to create a completely different device. Unwittingly, he invents the so-called Einstein – Rosen bridge, which creates wormholes-portals connecting parallel worlds. Having passed through such a portal, a person finds himself in an alternative reality that is radically different from ours. Without thinking twice, Quinn, along with his teacher Professor Arturo and girlfriend Wade go to a parallel world. However, the first trip is not entirely successful, the timer settings responsible for the return of travelers are lost. As a result, Queen and his companions can not return home, and each time after a certain period of time throws them in a completely different parallel world…

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