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Original Title: So Little Time
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC Family
Creators: Tonya Hurley,Eric Cohen
Language: English
Description: The first season of the series "Sneaky Pete" received surprisingly high ratings in the West, and most critics noticed a brilliant story. Tells the project about a young man named Marius, who all his life was engaged in crime. The very phrase "moral principles" is not familiar to him. Petty robbery has not satisfied the needs of an experienced criminal for a long time, so he dreams of a major fraud that can provide a guy for the rest of his life.rnafter another case, Marius goes to prison for three years. Here he lives without any worries, hoping to return to his normal life in the status of a rich man. Here are just a few days before leaving the prison Marius learns that he had been waiting for the mafia. The main character managed to deceive influential people, and such personalities do not forgive mistakes. Mafia want to get even with the guy, and so he needs as soon as possible to think of a way out. Otherwise, after the release from prison of Marius will not wait for freedom and a quick death.rnthe Saving idea seems contradictory, but the only possible way to preserve life. One of the local criminals named Pete claimed to be in prison for 20 years. Family, namely grandparents, did not see him, so not sure how Pete looks. The plan is simple: lay low in the middle of nowhere pretending to be Pete.rnrnSo Marius and fed suddenly finds itself closer to his enemies than he could think. Deceiving the elderly is not so easy, especially since they always suspect Marcus, try to catch him in a lie and ask the guy tricky questions about the past. Their excessive care prevents the main character to lead an ordinary life, and the traditions of local residents cause the guy conflicting emotions. Here are just a selection from Marcus there every day, his lies goes on.rnLiving here and getting acquainted with the life of his newfound family, the main character acquires a new meaning of life. He doesn't want to kill or Rob any more, but the mob didn't forget Marcus. She is still looking for someone who is guilty of stealing a decent amount, and sooner or later the criminals will find him.

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