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Participants of the documentary series from the discovery channel called" Would you survive?"specially get into various tense situations in order to experience on your own body how the human body will react to certain conditions. Each of us should be prepared for the fact that in life sometimes there are various"force majeure", but panic and stupor in such a case can lead to disastrous consequences.The participants of the show wear special sensors that will clearly determine the pulse, heartbeat and other indicators of our body at the time of experiencing severe stress. After passing the situation, each of which is recorded on video, people will be shown the recording itself and possible ways out of difficult conditions. These recommendations will allow you to more competently control your movements in the future and not pay attention to acute experiences. All this is the most useful, so the viewer is invited not only to see interesting material, but also to learn a few important rules that can be useful at any time. Instructive, interesting and exciting, enjoy watching and do not forget to make records!

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