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Before us is one of the most unusual television series of recent years, which is intertwined animation and the real world - in the center of the storyline is a mighty warrior of Zephyria, who for more than ten years was not in California, where he was waiting for all this time ex-wife and little son. However, the son of Zorn already a senior, though for the hero he is still the little Alangulam, which he tossed into the air with incredible force. But as soon as Zorn comes home, not the most pleasant news. First, the son escapes and he is ashamed of his half naked father-barbarian - he did not specifically get off the school bus, when he sees that daddy came back and swings his huge sword. Secondly, the ex-wife of Zorn has a new boyfriend-a black teacher from a virtual College, which the guy does not like already one of its kind. Now our hero will have to find an approach to his son, which means that in the near future he will not be able to return to Zephyr - to regain the trust of his family, Zorn decides to settle nearby and even find a regular job in the office. How will look in the office of a barbarian from the fantasy world, not accustomed to part with their weapons and wild temper? Will he be able to become a friend to his son? Can he expect his beautiful wife to return to him again?

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