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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In a small town all the Affairs of the head biker gang with a loud name " Sons of anarchy." Initially, it was a simple motorcycle club, but after a while the bikers have their own Charter, principles and goals. At present "Sons of anarchy" are actively engaged in cleaning of the city from crime and dealers in drugs. However, the undercover guys continue to sell weapons that did not correspond with their good intentions. Jackson teller is no accident called the Prince. Once his father founded a motorcycle club, and then became the leader of the gang. On the idea of, guy, too, should in the future become "king" bikers, but fate decided otherwise. The young man randomly finds his father's diary, which details what the gang actually does. As it turned out, in fact, the bikers are doing terrible things under the guise of good intentions.

Jackson has decided to understand. But soon he realizes that he did it in vain. His little investigation leads to the fact that begin to emerge unpleasant details about the black Affairs of the gang. In this case it was the mother of a boy that always had rough character. Teller Jr.'s mother has her own goals, which she brilliantly brings to life by using other people. However, soon the woman paid for her actions…