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Events of series acquaint us with the girl of improbable beauty-the beauty is called Maria and she lives in the city of Charleston that is located in South Carolina. The city just looks like an unremarkable place where ordinary people live - the main character of the series "South of hell" is one of the few people who know about the true diversity of the town. The girl is a first-class hunter of demons - that's what she does for a living. Maria has an incredibly strong spirit - she only thinks about how to help other people, even though she suffers from inner demon. The heroine shares her soul with her enemy-demoness Abigail, who against her own will helps the mistress of the body to fight other monsters. Looking for ways to help their customers, thirty heroine still has not figured out how to overcome her own demon. Every day she has to join Abigail in a bitter internal struggle and if she ever gives up the slack, the evil will take it over the top and what happens then is not difficult to guess - his own body girls never lose anything to belong to her. Will Maria be able to overcome Abigail or will she give up under her pressure?

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