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Original Title: South of Hell
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: WE tv
Creators: Matt Lambert
Language: English
Description: The plot revolves around the mystical series"South of Hell" a young woman named Maria Abascal living in a diverse town of Savannah, in Georgia. She earns her living in a rather unusual and very dangerous way. The main character is a professional and fearless demon hunter who fights against evil forces that have mastered human bodies. Know her fear all the fiends, because she can easily see any dark entity lurking under the mask of a God-loving woman or an innocent child. Being the best in the business, Maria constantly should move from the city to the city, facing, all with new and new opponents. However, being a hunter is not so easy because, unfortunately, she is obsessed. She has to share her soul with the demon Abigail, who feeds on evil, which literally every day Maria has to expel from others. Between them sharpens a constant struggle, and it is not known which of them will still be able to prevail in this battle…

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