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The future of our civilization can be very different, some scientists are confident in the near development of outer space, others do not see it at all, believing that humanity will completely exhaust the resources of the Earth and die. In the series "space rescuers" these two versions will intertwine, telling us about what success people were able to achieve in the distant 22 century, almost destroying the home planet. We learn that for several decades people have successfully mastered even the most remote corners of the galaxy, regularly bumping into other, more developed civilizations. The main storyline tells about the adventures of a group of space explorers traveling on the ship " 377 "under the nickname"Tin Lizzie". They are scientists, colonists and military at the same time. In each series, the main characters have to explore the territory, which had never been a man. Traveling for millions of light years from home, they fight monsters, discover new planets and learn something new.

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