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Wildlife is a wonderful place where every day there are many entertaining events. Various representatives of the fauna are fighting for their own place in the sun with representatives of other species, and only the strongest will achieve rewards – the opportunity to see the next dawn.The legendary documentary channel Discovery, which gave viewers around the world great works of art, has created a unique film project, which in all details shows the details of the life of animals, birds and mammals, living day after day in the harsh battles. Herbivores, which, most often, serve as food for predators, can also adequately stand up for themselves, especially if the danger threatens offspring. And predators often fight among themselves for the right to control a certain territory, or the ability to seize any female.Using modern technology to slow down and speed up the shooting, operators and writers provide fans of documentary films great shooting, which captures interesting moments from the life of the inhabitants of our planet. Natural selection-a harsh thing, and if you do not have the proper reaction and resourcefulness, it is easy to become a victim for another hungry wolf, lion or tiger.

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