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In the center of the colorful animated series is familiar to millions of viewers character whose history is known to almost everyone-spider-man. But repetition, as we know, is the mother of learning, so in the animated series we have to remember how it all began. We must pay tribute to the creators-the story is told so interesting that even those who are already familiar with it will like it. The main character's name is Peter Parker. By accident, the boy was bitten by a spider, after which his life began to change dramatically. It all began, as you remember, because of the suddenly acquired superpowers-increased physical strength, the ability to" shoot " web and rapid regeneration. When he manages to cope with his newfound abilities, the boy decides to become a superhero, able to protect the inhabitants of the city from criminals! But even this noble goal will not prevent him from realizing his second dream – to become a famous scientist. In the final of the first series, after the acquisition of abilities, Peter will have a unique opportunity to become a student of the school for gifted teenagers. It is within the walls of this institution that the young man will meet a mentor, thanks to whom he will become the way we know him...

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