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Original Title: Spin
Channel: France 2
Creators: Frédéric Tellier,Dan Franck,Emmanuel Daucé,Charline de Lépine
Description: The death of the French President prompted an experienced political strategist, who worked for him in the past, to return to Paris and start looking for a new candidate for the post of head of state. To counter the insidious policy of Delaware, who planned to win the early elections, the protagonist of the series "Gray cardinals" begins to engage in PR Anne Visage. He manages to bring his candidate to the second round, but they still lose the election. As we learn at the beginning of season 2, the victory goes to Alain Marjorie, the candidate from the left party. Frustrated by the defeat, Simon decides to return to new York. Soon it is associated with the newly minted assistant to the President, asking the man to take the place of a spin-doctor with Marjorie. The captain did not plan to return to France, but because of certain circumstances, he has to accept a job offer. And here the main character is again in the midst of shadow politics, which most ordinary people do not even know. What trials await him in the new series?

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