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We leave you in the city of Palermo. This Italian province is known all over the country, because it is here that unfolds incredible and bloody war in the criminal world. Mafia groups are fighting each other and try to enter into a confrontation with the law. The focus of the story are two powerful women, two wonderful man, very strong and bold. One of them belongs to a mafia clan and conducts criminal cases on the streets. Another heroine works in the police. Soon she will join the common struggle against the mafias, but can not even imagine yet, what kind of people and the difficulties it faces in the near future. The main character is sure that will cope with the duties assigned to it, but the imminent arrival antagonistki from the United States changes everything. Palermo begins to live by different rules, which in some way dictate the rules. In addition, the girl manages to join the police to the composition of the Palermo Mafia, where discovers that among the police, too, have a front man, is actively working with criminals. Enjoy watching. The third season is already on your screen!