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Original Title: Stan Against Evil
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: IFC
Creators: Dana Gould
Language: English
Description: The events of the Comedy series, which tells about the struggle of man with a variety of wickedness, take the audience to New England. Here, in a small provincial town with a rich history lives the protagonist of the series "Stan against the forces of evil" - Stanley Miller, is now experiencing a difficult period. A few weeks ago, a man buried his beloved wife, after which he" broke " and threw a tantrum at the cemetery. This trick deprived him of his job - the hero took away the post of Sheriff. And now he has to raise Denise on their own, which is not so easy, given the unusual girl. So it turns out that together with a legitimate vacation Stan gets a bunch of new worries. The situation is complicated when the city begins to fill the creepy creatures: witches, ghosts, demons and all sorts of monsters. With Mr. Miller suddenly discovers that in the past his wife, the former capable witch, actively fought against these creatures, combining the protection of a town with marital responsibilities. And now this task Stan will take control, because the helpless woman Sheriff Ivy Barrett just can not cope with the monsters - together with his assistant Leon, she can hardly cope with ordinary criminals.

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