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Harry Clayton had never been able to boast of his own luck. From early childhood, he was a typical loser. Not better were things in school, where he for many years remained object for ridicule from-for own bad luck. The beginning of adult life for peers promised great prospects. Harry used to be an outsider. The only thing he was lucky, was the service in the London criminal investigation Department. Becoming a detective, Klein hoped to contribute to the noble cause of fighting crime. However, and here his pursued permanent failures. The beginning of radical changes in the life of the hapless detective was a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger. Interlocutor made Harry taken the unusual gift. He became the owner of a powerful artifact that gives its owner continuous luck. The girl warned about the likely consequences of using the magic item. Clayton, who turned into a real Lucky in season 3, soon forgot about the warnings. He was content with constant success. At work, the detection of crimes has repeatedly increased. There have been positive changes in personal life. Harry forgot that the use of the artifact involves a certain fee. Soon unusual things began to happen in Clayton's life.

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