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In the police force, one of the decisive places was always given to the so-called crisis negotiators, who could find a way out of even the most difficult and desperate situation. The main characters of the American series" Negotiators"are" anti-crisis managers" who are among the first to stay at the scene of a potential crime. They negotiate with criminals and victims, trying to persuade people not to commit a rash act. Someone else's soul for them is not dark, but during their life they really could not understand their own feelings.The fact that Matt and Emily are lovers, but each of them considers himself a leader. They intend to impose their own point of view, not really going into the feelings and experiences of the partner, which leads the relationship of the police to a dead end. The main characters can easily cope with the work, but to find a common language in the brewing love drama for them is almost an unsolvable task.Viewers who prefer watching intricate psychological fighters are invited to evaluate this work and advise their favorite characters what solution can be found in such a confusing situation. Every day it gets worse, so they certainly can not do without help.

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