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In recent years, it was filmed a lot of TV series on the war between humans and aliens. However, this series is dedicated to a slightly different topic. The alien in this serial tape will allow himself to fall in love with the earth girl by negligence. However, he does not suspect that his beloved lives in a very complex world. Faced with other members of the human community, the hero is deeply disappointed. People are too cruel to him.Romantic plot of the series to the same extent will appeal to both fans of fiction and fans of melodramas. It has a lot of dramatic moments when the heroes have to defend their right to love.The creators of the series wanted to portray the alien harmless, dreamy and friendly creature. On the contrary, all evil comes from people. In the story, 10 years after the arrival of the alien, the earth decides to arrive 100 more immigrants from space. How to meet aliens this time on planet Earth? Will people be as cruel as the first time, or will they crumple?

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