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Original Title: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Disney XD
Creators: Daron Nefcy,Jordana Arkin,Dave Wasson
Language: English
Description: The magic wand is not only amazing opportunities, but also a huge responsibility, which not everyone can cope with. Especially if it's a restless girl from a parallel world. Namudril spell in the previous season, the main character of the cartoon series "Star Princess and evil forces" of harmless girls almost became a formidable destroyer. The inhabitants of her world, determined to protect themselves, sent the heroine into a different reality, in which there is no magic that should protect Old butterfly from making stupid mistakes. Arriving on Earth, the girl began to adhere to the instructions given to her-not to stand out from the local environment, so as not to attract attention. This is extremely important, because for the heroine and her magic wand hunts treacherous villain Ludo, who is accompanied everywhere by no less evil helpers. But Old is not one of those teenagers, who are called docile. In the end, she tells Marco the truth about herself. In the 2nd season of the guys waiting for a lot of joint adventures in the vastness of our planet.

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