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One day Dr. Daniel Jackson discovered the place where the Ancient city is located. His research has become one of the most important tasks. For this purpose, an expedition was organized. It was headed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Together with a group of brave researchers she had to make a journey to the discovered city through the Stargate. The expedition promised to be peaceful. Its members had to explore the city and try to understand the ancient secrets. However, another Galaxy is still unexplored and fraught with many dangers. Some of the inhabitants of the Ancient city pose a threat to the group of researchers and to life on Earth and throughout the milky way. Team ship "Atlantis" led by a brave captain will have to face the feral races of the Wraith and Replicators. They're vampires out for blood. And the researchers are perfect for a feast of monsters. Actions in the series are developing rapidly. In each series the characters are waiting for new adventures. The main task is changing, and the purpose of the expedition becomes different. Now the main task: to survive and return to Earth from the galaxy "Pegasus". How successful this event will be, the audience will be able to learn by watching all seasons of the show.

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