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In the six months that the main character spent in national city, the crime rate fell by more than sixty percent. For the city is a huge breakthrough, for which residents should thank the Supergirl. The third season begins with sad notes: Kara represents, as she could be happy nowadays together with Mon-El. But after two minutes of dreams, the girl returns to reality: hearing the sounds of sirens, she hurries to the aid of the police, which is trying to catch a new villain. This is a Dubois – a former special forces soldier who works for Morgan edge. The latter, by the way, is going to buy "Katko" to use the city press for their own purposes. When this becomes known, the heroine understands that she will no longer be able to benefit society as a journalist, because if the edge will force employees to write custom articles, it can only harm. And then, despite the entreaties of James, she decides to resign from the editorial office. Having correctly set priorities, Kara focuses on her mission – saving the world. Alex realizes that a friend is hurting from breaking up with Mon-El, but nothing can fix it.

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