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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
One of the most important projects of the television industry, the story that you want to revise, adventures that take your breath away! We present to your attention the 13th season of the serial film "Supernatural", which tells about the adventures of two brothers fighting various evil spirits. In the final of the last part of the share of Dean and Sam fell hard tests: killed their mother and best friend. Heroes lost even Crowley, without which further struggle looks meaningless. Moreover, after the appearance of Nephilim parallel world was out of reach, locked together with him Lucifer and Mary. Castiel's death also complicates matters. Everything looks even more complicated due to nefilim – being, in which one half human and the other angelic. The winchesters have no idea what to do with it. All these problems cause Dean depression, and Sam give an additional impetus – he is trying to find radical ways to protect the planet from evil. At the same time, the heroes have to do the usual job – to destroy ghosts, neutralize ghouls and other monsters. Also in the first series of it turns out, that Castiel alive.