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Original Title: Survivor
Channel: CBS
Creators: Charlie Parsons,Mark Burnett
Language: English
Description: Events series affect the conservation of the Earth and human civilization in the distant future. In 2149 blue planet is undergoing large-scale environmental shocks and demographic crisis caused by overpopulation. Natural resources are virtually exhausted, and human society is faced with the threat of extinction. World Government decides to parachute group of specially trained people in prehistoric times, with the aim of founding an alternative branch of reality. With the help of an apparatus capable of generating a powerful boost of energy and literally break through spatial-temporal boundaries, a group of scientists and soldiers gradually dwell on the New Earth - human settlement in the Mesozoic era. Action TV series Terra Nova begins immediately before the tenth in a row of people crossing the future in times of dinosaurs. Like many others, Shannon's family has been selected to participate in the project with the help of a special government lottery. Father, mother and three children, being on the other side of this, gradually come to the realization that a new world is far from the established power of the mythical image. Terra Nova settlement in reality is not protected from the dangers and threats posed by predators who unceremoniously devour people. On the other hand, it is found that the desire to save humanity is completely foreign to some members of the ruling group. Will save Shannon brought with him a family secret and withstand external forces in the settlers created a utopian world, and give the virgin Terra Nova new chance it aliens?

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