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Original Title: Suspicious Partner
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Crime
Channel: SBS
Description: The series "El Chapo" can be called one of the most anticipated projects of the year, because it tells about the life of a drug Lord named Shorty.rnJoaquin Guzman managed to make a huge fortune on dirty money. By 2011, his fortune was estimated at a billion dollars, and all this money was the result of Guzman's work with the world of drugs.rnhowever, the main feature of El Chapo was not fabulous wealth, but elusiveness. The man was first caught in Guatemala, where he was extradited to Mexico. There Shorty had to serve 20 years for numerous murders and drug trafficking, but the criminal managed to be released earlier.rnin 2015, he escaped from prison altogether, breaking a 1.5 kilometer stroke next to the shower in his cell. In Mexico, even experienced criminals, criminal bigwigs of all stripes were afraid of El Chapo. The quarrelsome character sometimes prevented him from working, slowing the pace of development of the drug Empire.rnGuzman's Cruelty was largely due to the fact that he had few close friends. The absence of family made this man invulnerable to his enemies. However, the Mexican government has been preparing an operation to capture El Chapo for a decade. Careful in Affairs, the man rarely left evidence or witnesses, so to show him there was nothing.rnrnKidnappings and murders, drug trafficking and threats — there were no taboo ways for this man to make money. Terrifying the criminal world and intimidating ordinary citizens of Mexico, El Chapo turned from a farmer's son into the most dangerous and wanted criminal in the world. This is the title he received after the death of the previous "leader of the rating" Osama bin Laden. However Shorty could not run forever: having made one single mistake, this man ended up in prison.rnthere are many more interesting pages in the biography of the famous criminal. For example, help in his capture provided the famous actor Sean Penn. About all these events and tell the series of joint production of the United States and Mexico.

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