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  • Drama
Korean TV series"sun-Swallowed" tells the story of two people who met as a child. Difficult fate interesting way that drove, then separated Kim Jong and his girlfriend throughout life. Kim was the illegitimate child of the local bandit and was brought up in a shelter, and fraud became the only earnings for the young man. Of course, he wants more, tries to succeed in another occupation, to become a worthy person. And when he grew up, he met his father, who left the family many years ago. This circumstance slightly complicated the life of the main character, because he did not understand how to behave with a newly found relative. By chance, the guy becomes a witness to the conversation of a serious businessman Chang Ming Ho, who needed young employees, so Kim offers his own candidacy. All the future life of the hero is accompanied by tests of faith and fortitude, which help to achieve the goals. In addition, you need to maintain a relationship with your beloved, which is beginning to require more attention. Over the years, the boss offers Kim Jung Woo to do more serious things, not always legal, but the boy agrees to such conditions. Because of this, you still have to part with a girl who can not stand the weight of a relationship with a young criminal. After another case, the hero is put in prison, but the current prisoner understands – he was framed. After many years, Kim, who has already grown up, leaves the prison and intends to take revenge on the one whose fault had to give the prison the best years of life.

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