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Original Title: Tales from the Darkside
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Broadcast Syndication
Creators: George A. Romero,Stephen King
Language: English
Description: The protagonist of the series-a little boy, due to the circumstances got to the dark side. It's a scary world, filled with mystery, strange events and frightening creatures. In this strange world inhabited by a terrible monster – a woman cannibal, in whose society the main character has to spend time. The boy's father was in trouble and now he needs the rest of his life to pay off his debts. Only a son can save him. The child decided that he would not leave his father in trouble and went in search of a debt. any search requires a lot of time, and the boy needs to cope with his task as quickly as possible. Then he decided that he could at least help himself a little, if he read terrible stories to the cannibal. It's amazing how she didn't eat the boy right away. She liked his scary stories so much that she decided to spare him for now. We don't know what's on her mind. One thing is certain, she won't let the boy go that easily now. So the young hero has a new problem. How can he find the promissory note of his father, but still get out alive from the lair of the insidious cannibal? This is to know the audience.

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