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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Fred Wolf,Kevin Eastman,Peter Laird
Language: English
Description: The final of the previous season was disappointing-the house of the main characters of the animated series was destroyed by Krang, and new York became the center of an alien invasion that threatens the death of all mankind. But we see that the teenage mutant ninja turtles perfectly managed to cope with most of the difficulties. But, unfortunately, not with all... The events of the third season unfold three months later and take us to the territory of the family farm April, located in Massachusetts. There are four heroes and their friend turned out to be because of new York they were banished shredder and Krang. However, one failure does not scare away the brothers, and they decide to gather the strength to knock out the villains then out of the city! On the farm, they are trying to do it, doing the same treatment of the victim in the last battle of Leonardo. The situation is heated when all the characters begin to pursue a mysterious stranger, whose motives are not clear to anyone... What is this mysterious Stalker and what happened to splinter?

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