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Original Title: The Benny Hill Show
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ITV
Creators: Benny Hill
Language: English
Description: Each state has its own specifics and what will work in Texas, Hawaii can misfire and cause the failure of the whole operation. Since recently found a significant activity in the criminal world, it became clear that there may be some grandiose incident or it may also mean that in a relaxed resort and the police also lost vigilance. The Governor was well aware that further growth of crime and what to settle some gangster syndicate is clearly bad impact on the tourist flow. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he hires a former naval officer who knows a lot about discipline.the a moment's peace in police workSteve turned out to be in these places is not accidental, but a personal matter. But it so happened that he was given the opportunity to combine retribution with service for the benefit of the country, all the more so with the support of local authorities. After Steve came to the team another experienced police officer from new Jersey. Together they groped a trail leading to a fairly large fish", which in any case can not be spooked otherwise there may be a real disaster in which innocent people will suffer.

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