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Original Title: The Bionic Woman
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Martin Caidin,Kenneth Johnson
Language: English
Description: In the future, some people began to receive the gift of telepathy. They can easily read the thoughts of any person. Those guys are called "types". Ordinary people are called "normal". Some citizens believe that using their ability to telepathy, you can successfully fight crime. Not only to solve crimes, but also to prevent new atrocities. Knowing thoughts of the criminal, it is possible to prove his guilt in deeds illegal act, or to prevent implementation of any offense. But most people are biased towards" types", they are afraid of them, and strongly advocate the complete isolation of such individuals from society. At the moment people are telepathic live in some semblance of a ghetto and are absolutely powerless. To get to know people with the gift to read the thoughts of others easily. They have a distinctive birthmark on their face. Some agents, so-called groups Stripping attract "types" of cooperation to reduce crime on the streets. However, this violates the rights of"normals". But it showed up unknown, who knows how to make special hoods, reminiscent of the masks, and not allowing you to read the thoughts of its owner. Such an invention can greatly harm the authorities.

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