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American detective series about memory loss and the search for yourself. Did you know that the memory of a man is the man himself, as you know him? Past mistakes, experience and just pleasant memories – all these are very important components of the personality, the loss of which almost completely rewrites the person and gives him the opportunity to start life from scratch. But what if there's something left in the past that now wants to kill you and you just don't remember what happened? One day walking along the beach, a group of people found the body of a man thrown ashore. He was clearly badly injured and seriously injured, so he was taken to a local doctor, who, despite the alcoholism developed over the years, still had good skills as a surgeon. How could he have collected in front of him the body is literally in pieces and even nursed him, until the latter began to stand up. That's just almost immediately found one problem – he absolutely didn't remember anything about himself. In the village where he was sheltered by a lonely girl, he was given a new name – Jason Bourne, and soon played a quiet wedding. But soon it became clear that someone persistently tries to deprive of the man of life and when he decided to go to the next city, two people, having seen him, rushed to run without looking back. Then he decided to understand, that same in his past there is such a, that now so prevents him to live. The answers that pop up in his head will make the viewer very surprised.

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