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In the sitcom of the US channel NBC, the real comedian Jerrod Carmichael has to bother with this fictional family. Jerrod is an absolute average guy who runs a happy relationship with his girlfriend Maxine. The couple wants to take the next step and move in together. But unfortunately the rest of the family members of Carmichaels mix only too happy into the private lives of Jerrod and Maxine already suspects that their privacy will be severely limited if it wants to be a part of the Carmichael clan. Father Joe is a maverick who does not mince his words, Mama Cynthia is very devout Christian and brother Bobby struggles with the consequences of his gambling addiction.    Main characters of The Carmichael Carmichael ShowJerrod (Jerrod Carmichael) loves his family, but their dominant species, always meddling in his private affairs, sometimes robs him last nerve. When he decides to move in with girlfriend Maxine, his relationship with the family matter is.    Maxine (Amber Stevens) is the girlfriend of Jerrod. It can be trained as a therapist and suspects without psychological expertise that they will not only lead a relationship with her lover, but that they must come to terms with the rest of Carmichael.    Joe Carmichael (David Alan Grier) is the patriarch of the clan. He should save his nerve after several operations on the heart, but he liked stirs vocal about almost everything on. He's on every topic a strong opinion and can not stop himself to express them. (JB)

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