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Original Title: The Chase
Channel: ITV
Language: English
Description: Criminal Thriller Jared Kona Juvenile (2014) will talk about a very young girl Anna Hicks. The fate is unenviable now, because after the unintentional murder of her stepfather-a drunkard who tried to rape her, the court awarded him imprisonment for four hard years, which she will have to spend in a juvenile colony. This is now her new home, where her new friends and enemies, and where she will have to get used to new, often savory, life. During the four years of his imprisonment of the heroine of the film Tiny from the Studio The Asylum have in their own skin to experience the full breadth of the lawlessness, cruelty and cunning of local order. The intentions to defend the independence and honor, the girl repeated experiences of terror, sexual harassment and violence on the part of many other prisoners (white and black speck), as well as by an inadequate head-pervert prison. Through all these attacks, he often finds himself in solitary confinement-alone or in a hospital. Film Jailbait (2014) will tell about the hard, almost tragic life of the young Anna, who was unjustly convicted. Wolf prison regimes kill everything human in Anna, and after every chagrin, she goes to her friends-prisoners for another dose of intoxicating drugs. All this madness is not able to withstand and survive even an experienced adult man. Such a tough school of life for anybody does not pass without a trace. And even more so for a very young victim of circumstances.

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