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In the life of every person there are situations that bring him a lot of trouble because of what he ceases to enjoy life. Sometimes people wanting to find the cause of the lack of desire to do something to blame everything, family, politics, power, situation in the world. But in fact, they just do not know how to look at all the situations with a different moan and the heroes of this comic series are ready to show people how they actually look from the outside, when they behave in this way or suffer because of something. Heroes are so vital to each situation and all the problems that they cease to perceive the way that before. Not everyone is able to perceive these amazing and quite specific characters. Yes, this is not surprising, because in many situations they are similar to their viewers, but to admit that he looks so ridiculous not everyone likes. However, with them it is more fun to look at the whole situation in the country or in the world, at how we constantly behave and how we worry where it would not be worth paying attention to everything. These amazing creatures will show a lot of interesting things, because they will talk about how the world and everything that happens in it see the authors. And without sarcasm and black humor here will not do.

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