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A three-part documentary produced by the British television channel BBC, dedicated to one of the most odious personalities of the twentieth century – Adolf Hitler, literally soared to the heights of the government hierarchy as the absolute leader of the nation and the idol of millions. In the center of historical research-the search for the true causes of how one is not an ideal person, always convinced of his own right, completely devoid of compassion, but full of both hatred and prejudice, was able to unite around a huge number of supporters, fantastically loyal to him. After all, at the time he was able not only to usurp power, but also to make a much larger actions that require unconditional support from the population of Germany, namely to plunge the world into the abyss of the largest armed conflict in the history of mankind. But how did an irreconcilable nationalist, ruthless to his opponents, manage to become such a popular politician and subsequently lead a European state with a rich culture and centuries-old traditions? How long was his path to the coveted post? What was the basis for his radical views, ambitions and thirst for conquest? It is these and many other questions trying to answer the authors of this picture, emphasizing the incredible charisma and leadership qualities that played an important role in the process of becoming a ruthless dictator, once encroached on world domination.

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