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Original Title: The Dudesons
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
Channel: Spike
Language: English
Description: Exciting animated series tells the Japanese motif of the human struggle for survival. The action takes place in London. The city comes cruel vampire attack. They absorb all living things, but the worst thing that bite a person, they will not only pay him a similar creature, but also steal his soul. Recently, their attacks are more frequent, and the number of monsters is increasing progressively. To save the people who are not yet infected, and stop the epidemic of vampirism, going to the brave group that will fight back biting monsters. On the way the main characters of the series "Hellsing. The war with the evil spirits, "a lot of battles for racial purity. But vampires do not sleep, they work over the number of his soldiers. If the pace of attacks do not stop, then the whole of humanity will disappear. He leads a group of exterminating creatures experienced warrior by the name of Hellsing. There is still a lot of battles, but the main character does not back down from its plan.

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