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It is difficult to imagine, but the city man, who gave a lot of effort to the service of his native Corporation, decides to retrain as a provincial bar owner, who was run by his parents all his life. Initially, the main character of the presented melodramatic picture just planned to visit his ancestors in his hometown, but when Steve learns that his father's case is planned to be sold, the young man makes an important decision that will change all future destiny.Bar Sullivan is a sort of city landmark, and here love to spend time not only ordinary citizens, but even employees of higher rank and administration officials. It is here that people solve idle problems, make new friends, fall in love and part. The bar has a unique atmosphere that is conducive to communication and romantic relationships, and this factor will serve as a decisive element in making a turning decision.From now on, Steve Sullivan will have to cope with a lot of tests, because the environment is not too willing to accept a potential heir to the case of parents. But time will pass and the guy will be able to prove to fellow citizens that he is a worthy successor of an important enterprise.