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Original Title: The Event
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: NBC
Creators: Nick Wauters
Language: English
Description: A fascinating detective story. The main character and his beloved go on a romantic journey. Sean intends to propose to the girl, but suddenly she disappears. Moreover, it disappears not just as a physical entity, everyone who has ever been familiar with it, can not remember anything, if it was not, no one heard about the girl. Sean is desperate, risking his life, he rushes to find. With time comes the understanding that couple turned out to be a tiny cog in someone's big game, life, and people's feelings do not matter.About a year ago, the us President accidentally learns about the prison in Alaska, which contains 97 people, however, the state of protection and precautions in this institution are unprecedented. Isn't it too much for a hundred prisoners? A year later, the head of state decides to close the prison and release the prisoners and tell the public about the secret operation. Sean, conducting his own investigation in search of his beloved, receives information that not so long ago there was an event of universal proportions. A space ship with aliens on Board crashed. Some aliens escaped and began to live among the people, the remaining guarded the wreckage, and they became prisoners in prison. Whether the search for the hero will end with a meeting with his beloved, it is worth seeing.

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