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Original Title: The Fairly OddParents
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Butch Hartman
Language: English
Description: We have long been accustomed to, that Indian cinema - music, songs, dances. But the new Indian film "D-Day" is not the same. He is consistent and thriller genre thriller. In it we are talking about a terrorist named Ibgala Seth, a native of India, on whose hands the blood of several hundred people. Events, which tells the movie is happening today in Pakistan and India. For a terrorist organization, led by the Ibgala Seth has long watched the staff of Interpol. They were given the task - to detain the terrorist and smuggle it to India, where he is to stand trial. But the organization has a large network of agents, so special agents is not yet possible to detain him or members of his organization. In addition, the capture of a dangerous terrorist and prevent a new explosion in the organization who is suspected of several Indian officers and ordinary hairdresser. Is that possible?

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