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Little Barry as a child becomes a witness to how a criminal kills his mother. Unfortunately, the police did not spend a lot of time to investigate the crime. Law enforcement agencies considered the only suspect of the child's father. Soon he was already locked up. However, Barry knew that somewhere on the loose wobbly idly at this point, the true murderer, cruel and calculating. The boy grew up, he decided to dedicate himself to the search for a cunning criminal. He becomes a medical examiner, spending a lot of time investigating his mother's murder.
But soon ordinary at first glance, an experiment that did not go well, radically changes his destiny. There was a terrible explosion in the laboratory as a result of a large cluster of energetically charged particles. Barry, who is nearby, was badly injured. The man is in the hospital. At least eight months he had lain in a coma. Doctors are not already vouched for his recovery. However, Barry not only found the strength to Wake up, but found that has a unique ability. Now the man moves at a tremendous speed. Finally recovered, he begins to search for the same owners of supernatural, unique abilities to defend the city.

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