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Original Title: The Flowers of Evil
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: ANIMAX
Creators: Hiroshi Nagahama
Description: Life rarely indulged Madison Hellor, which remained without a husband and now own and has two children - the youngest daughter of Halle and the eldest son of Jacob. But the heroine of the film "Devil" do not despair, confident that it will cope with all the difficulties. The main events of films developed at a time when The orderly existence of the characters begins to change. The reason for this is paranormal activity in their house: themselves in the building are moved items and kitchen utensils, dusk of the dark corners hears suspicious noises, and once and do something amazing happens - babe Halle opens a cupboard in his room and finds ... now a ghost! Presence ghost Madison shocking, but for some time the woman is idle, because she was sure that the disembodied entity will not hurt her and the children. But soon, the heroine makes sure that the ghost is a great danger, then she decides to repel the devil's offspring. In this struggle, the woman helps a close friend of the family, without which it would not have coped Madison. But can two ordinary person to confront a ghost?

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