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Original Title: The Game
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: The CW
Creators: Mara Brock Akil
Language: English
Description: It arrives a group of friends in a rented mini-plane at a distance from the worldly life the island where you can be alone and forget about the eternal problems. There they were already waiting for a house prepared for the holiday. Many romantic plans were the guys at the resort. You can not only swim, but also to plant fires, fish, and, finally, to run naked. All the same, on the island there is no one, and no one will not see them in this form. But suddenly the house has become their refuge from the wild creatures from the evil dogs. They are afraid to leave the building, because these "cute" dog is not satisfied with a tasty dinner. Strange mutation occurred in the body of these animals, and now they have a mind, which is peculiar only to man. They have a remarkable sense of smell, tenacious grip and constantly growing hunger. If they do not devour you, their bite you endure horrible torments, and gene mutation. And then still do not know how you become a creature. so the guys had to forget about the purpose of their visit and did arm the materials at hand.

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