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British documentary television film produced by the BBC, exploring the natural history of the ancient and unique African continent. The creators use aerial photography techniques and wildlife video footage to show how natural and seasonal phenomena affect African life and its patterns.A team of 140 scientists and field assistants worked on the project. It was necessary to travel around 22 countries and 53 places to shoot the wonderful world of this beautiful continent, striking the viewer with its immensity, diversity and unsurpassed flora and fauna. Here are six colorful and vivid scientific and educational stories:"African elephants and mount Kilimanjaro","Savannah","Desert","coast","Jungle","Lakes and rivers".Ethiopian wolves, cedar forests of the Atlas mountains, active volcanoes, African wild cats, elephants and buffaloes, gazelles and camels, giraffes, meerkats, Nile crocodiles, porcupines and gerbils, corals and Moray eels, red river boars, white sharks and seals, flamingos, eagles and lizards - and this is not a complete list of what can be seen throughout the television story. Starting from the Ethiopian highlands and ending with the cold waters of the Atlantic, we are witnessing an incredible, contrasting, dangerous and rich life in African places.The TV series will be useful for travelers, researchers and tourists, as well as for ordinary curious viewers.

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