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Original Title: The Grinder
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: Andrew Mogel,Jarrad Paul
Language: English
Description: Television actor Dean Sanderson after a long shoot in a lot of seasonal series"Crusher", where he played a successful lawyer who brought him great popularity and recognition in the streets, comes to his brother Stuart, who, working as a lawyer, has not achieved at least some significant results. Seeing how his younger brother speaks in court and can not properly Express his thoughts, understanding the lamentability of the situation, Dean decides to help him, because behind him a huge"experience" - eight years of filming in a lawyer Thriller! Stuart, in turn, was not particularly happy about this turn of events. Offended by the fact that he is in the shadow of his star brother, watching him posing in front of fans, scatters abstruse terms from the series, in which he does not understand anything, Stuart clearly understands that beautiful words will not help Dean in court proceedings, because in real life there are no pre-written scripts. But over time, the excessive perseverance and ambition of the older brother takes over, and now, only working together, the brothers will have a lot to learn from each other, so that by trial and error, going through many curious situations, becoming one cohesive team, to continue the family business, successfully started by his father.

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