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The series takes viewers to an alternative future. The action takes place in the military Republic of Gilead. For many years, the people of the state suffered from uprisings that stopped only after militarism reigned in the Republic. Now military chiefs and their relatives occupy a special place in the country. Totalitarian system complicates the lives of ordinary people, but the bulk of the difficulties associated with the fact that the vast majority of women can not have children. Infertility is not treatable, and only a few can give birth. These" lucky girls " authorities doom to a heavy share, turning them into surrogate mothers. Girls, deprived of any choice, live in terrible conditions and under close attention. They are simply forced to get pregnant and carry the child, and then they are taken away. June Osborne - the main character of the serial drama "diary of a maid" - one of those who is not going to live by such rules. She found a way to deal with high-ranking officers, their wives and the dictatorship in General. What will be the future of the poor girls and their innocent children?

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